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MARCH 16, 2020

The purpose of this policy is to ensure effective communication among team members when working from home. We want to make sure that all team members at TBH are functional and have the support they need to perform well while working remotely.

The following policy is effective for all employees who are working from home:


  • Team members are required to stay signed in to RingCentral during normal scheduled work hours, so that we may communicate effectively among the teams at all times.
  • Operational Support Staff will be available for any technical difficulties or questions you may have during scheduled working hours and after hours as well for extended support.
  • We recommend and encourage constant communication while teams are working from home to ensure we are all connected and working together regardless of physical location. Check-in often with your team members and supervisors which will let them know you are there and ready to help, as well as provide a support system for you, in case you need help.


  • All support staff and administration:
    • At the beginning of your workday, sign in via Hubstaff and clock in on ADP. It is recommended to get signed on and get everything ready to go 5-10 minutes before your start time to ensure everything is working.
    • Message your supervisor to let them know that you have started work.
    • You will be expected to continue your normal workday as usual, including clocking out for your 1-hour lunch break. Please let your supervisor know that you are stepping away for lunch and when you have returned.
    • If for any reason you will not be working while at home, please let your supervisor know. This will keep us in the loop for your availability as well as excuse you from your usual shift.
    • Supervisors will hold mandatory meetings at the beginning of each working day (8:00 AM CST) and a mandatory meeting at the end (4:30 PM CST) of the workday to touch base with teams. (To join the meetings, please go to > Click on E-Drive > Team Check-In.)
  • Providers:
    • At the beginning of your work-day, message your Practice Manager to let them know you have logged on and will begin seeing patients.
    • You will be expected to see patients on the schedule per usual and support staff is available for any technical issues that may arise with getting patients set up and logged on for the visit. 
    • If for any reason you are not able to see patients for the scheduled day, please let your Practice Manager or HR know as soon as possible so that we can accommodate the patients accordingly.


  • All team members who are working from home must submit a short video of their HIPAA compliant workspace to HR. Upon approval from HR, once it is determined that HIPAA compliance is being met, team members may begin work from home.
  • All team members are required to comply with HIPAA regulations and should keep all patient information confidential as they would at the office. This is especially important around family members or other people that could come across your workspace at home. This also includes refraining from any verbal discussion pertaining to an employee or patient. Team members should be extra vigilant about HIPAA compliance while working from home.
  • Your working space should be quiet and free of distractions and loud noises.
  • When taking a break, you should lock your computer screen to protect your work and patient information.
  • Avoid printing documents. All work should be done on the computer. Talk to your supervisor for further details or any concerns regarding this.
  • Performance expectations will remain the same for employees working from home. If a supervisor or management has any concerns with work performance while working remotely, it can result in disciplinary action, such the same as in-office would. If there is some reason you are not able to complete your work as expected, talk to your supervisor or HR as soon as possible.


  • We will utilize Hubstaff to make sure that your system is running without any issues and are reporting HIPAA compliance automatically to corporate. (As a note, Hubstaff is a monitoring system and will take occasional screenshots of your screen.)
  • Team members should not download any unapproved software on their work computers (including games, apps, Netflix, etc.) without permission from their supervisors. Doing so may result in disciplinary action.
  • Any equipment or supplies assigned to you are company property and should be used for work-related purposes only. Please refrain from using company property for personal use.
  • Team members are solely responsible for all equipment once it is assigned to them and are expected to maintain proper care for it. All equipment should be returned to IT at the appropriate time in an acceptable condition.
  • If at any time you have trouble with the equipment assigned to you, contact IT and they will be able to promptly assist.

If you have any questions in regards to the Work from Home policy, what is expected while working remotely, what support is available, etc. please contact HR or your immediate supervisor. This policy is effective immediately for anyone who is working from home. Keep in mind, there are countless team leads, as well as your own team members, who are available for support. Please reach out if you have any problems at all or need any reasonable accommodations to be able to do your work remotely. Communication will be key during this time. Below are a few additional tips and suggestions that may help you be successful while working remotely.

  1. Create a routine similar to your regular working routine, to maintain normalcy and help you adjust better. This may be taking a few minutes to make your morning cup of coffee in your own kitchen, similar to the way you might do at the office normally.
  2. Keep your family or anyone you live with informed of your work schedule and anything they should expect while you will be working from home. You may have to set some ground rules to avoid distractions and make sure you are being productive.
  3. Schedule breaks for yourself and be sure to take them. A couple of breaks during the day can help with productivity and give your mind a few minutes of ease. Also, don’t skip your lunch break!
  4. Try to leave home for at least a couple of minutes each day. At this time, social distance is recommended and recommended guidelines should always be followed. However, if you are able to and it is safe, step outside of your house for a few minutes to get some fresh air and maybe take a walk around the block. Be sure to remain active.
  5. Continue to be an awesome team player! We will all come across roadblocks at this time, but teamwork will get us through them together, even while we are working remotely. Communicate with your team often and be sure to help whenever possible.