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Message from TBH Executive Team – Together for Houston


Dear Team,

As we navigate through this new, unprecedented challenge alongside the rest of the world, we feel comforted knowing that we have such an amazing team by our side. Whatever the challenge may be, Texas Behavioral Health’s team has always made it out on the other side and expect the same for this hurdle.

Being in Mental Health care, we have a duty to our patients in this challenging time as we are here to provide care to those in need and want to continue to do so for as long as it is safely possible through social distancing among patients, families, co-workers, and friends. Fear is widespread, and we have the opportunity to work with patients who may need your help at this time, now more than ever. We have the space to step up now, lead the effort, educate, and responsibly treat those in our community who need for care does not cease because of a pandemic.

With this being said, we also want to ensure that the safety of our teams and patients is at the forefront of our decisions during this time. We are working hard around the clock for accommodations that may be needed to continue safely providing care to patients and limiting physical contact for our team. In the coming days, we are preparing for Closed-Door Clinic operations with extremely limited patients to continue services to patients in critical treatments and other patients through Virtual Visits. Additionally, we are adding full-scale Virtual Health and Virtual Office capabilities to our company systems to prepare for any situation. As the circumstances change day by day, we are in awe of your willingness to stand by us, problem solve and get through this as a Team. I want to remind you that our city and company has gone through many hurdles including tragic events, hurricanes, and tropical storms throughout years and it has made Houston and TBH what it is today, Strong.


Salah Qureshi, MD
Shakeel Raza, MD
Fasiha Haq, MD
Zeeshan Haq, CEO

Texas Behavioral Health
Executive Team