COVID 19 HR PROTOCOL | Texas Behavioral Health
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This outbreak continues to be a fluid situation that we are watching closely.

Your safety, security, and well-being as our team is our first priority. Equally, you are always empowered to act to protect your own safety, security, and well-being. At any time, if you do not feel comfortable commuting to work, attending meetings, training or events, please speak with your manager and also notify your HR department to determine the best options for you.

Following are the actions and guidelines from Human Resources we are taking at this time:


  • All Providers should systematically switch to the use of Telemedicine for all patient visits. Support and training on how to use the Telemedicine platform are available through the Operational Support Staff.
  • These sessions should be held via video conference primarily, and telephone conference in cases where providers see fit based on the patient.
  • If Providers are not able to attend to their scheduled patients, they should advise management at least 12 hours prior to their next session.

Non-Clinical/Clinical Support Staff and Administration:

  • Any team member of TBH who has flu-like symptoms is encouraged to stay home and not come to their office location. If able to, they can work from home.
  • We are taking extra precautions at our office locations to limit in-person contact and increase cleanliness at office locations. We will continue to sanitize and wipe down all equipment/workspaces and encourage washing hands and using hand sanitizers on a frequent basis. We have also implemented patient screenings to help prevent or minimize interactions with patients who may be sick or showing symptoms.

Staff working from home:

  • All team members who are working from home will use video conferencing (RingCentral, and RingCentral Meetings) for all meetings. This will ensure constant communication and support between all team members during this time.
  • All team members are required to stay signed in to RingCentral during scheduled work hours, so we can collaborate efficiently during these difficult times. It is encouraged for team members to also check their RingCentral messages out of normally scheduled work hours, to keep up with any updates or changes that may occur.
  • All team members will be required to comply with HIPAA rules and regulations as they normally would, and keep confidential information in your own reach.
  • All HIPAA compliance logs, hours and work are to be logged via Hubstaff reporting system.
  • Please review the Work From Home policy (this policy will be distributed to all team members in the upcoming days).

Leave of absence:

  • If a team member has to take a 14-day leave of absence due to illness then they will be able to use their accrued PTO time to cover these days. Unless subsidized by the Department of Labor, if PTO is not available then unpaid time will be used.
  • If an employee shows any symptoms, they may be asked to not return to work until recovery.


  • For the safety of all employees, business travel to different locations is being postponed until further notice, unless approved by your manager.
  • Any required travel must be approved by senior management in written communication. International or Domestic travel must be documented, and team members may be required to self-quarantine upon return.

Visitors to the Workplace:

  • To protect the well-being of our team and patients, patients should come by themselves or with one person if necessary, who will both be required to prescreen before their visit.
  • Any non-essential visits or meetings should be postponed until further notice, or conducted via video conference.

In-person interviews:

  • All in-person interviews will be conducted via phone and/or using video conferencing. This will ensure minimum visitors to our clinics and minimize contact between individuals. 

Please also continue to follow the advice from experts: Do stay home if you are sick, and take the time to follow the recommended hygiene protocols, such as frequent hand washing.

As we actively monitor and manage the situation, we will share any additional information with you. We want to ensure the safety of all our team members and patients and appreciate your understanding and patience during these fluid times. We continue to monitor all updates on a national level and if anything changes, we will keep you all informed accordingly.