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TeleVisit Support and FAQ

No, as a patient you actually don’t need to create an account with us to see your provider. You can simply go to your providers url ( You will check in and your provider will start the call when they are ready.
Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari are compatible with Java Runtime environment installed. If you are having trouble entering your visit, please try with a 32-bit browser.
The cost to see you provider would be remain the same as if you coming into office. If you’re using insurance then it would be subjected to your copay, co-insurance, or deducible for a specialist. For self-pay patients, the cost would be based on the type of provider you’re seeing.
The following steps should be done by you and your provider:
  1. Use headphones
  2. Reduce the volume of speakers
  3. Move the microphone away from the speakers
  1. Restart your computer: restart your computer before your first call.
  2. Wifi: be close to your wifi router, make sure no other parties on the network are using up the bandwidth, and you don’t have a lot of browser windows open.
  3. CPU/GPU usage: ensure no high intensity programs are running on the computer.