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Texas Behavioral Health is a leading psychiatry and behavioral health provider serving Houston-area patients at five convenient locations in Pearland, Pasadena, Friendswood, Medical Center, and River Oaks, Texas. The experienced board-certified psychiatrists and highly trained therapists work together in a comfortable outpatient setting to help patients with a wide range of psychiatric and behavioral health needs.

At Texas Behavioral Health, patients can get help for anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, PTSD, OCD, Alzheimer’s, and most other psychiatric and behavioral conditions and issues. The expert care providers use psychological testing, cognitive ability testing, ADHD assessment, dementia testing, and many other types of testing and evaluation to make accurate diagnoses so they can prescribe the most effective solutions.

The team always exercises the utmost sensitivity and compassion when helping patients and their loved ones. The goal is to provide early diagnosis and appropriate intervention wherever possible to help prevent more severe psychiatric problems in the future.

The Texas Behavioral Health team is currently welcoming new patients, so reach out through the online scheduler or by calling the closest office for help today.